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6 Signs You Are Ready To Downsize

Feeling like your house is just a little too big for your season of life?

Here are a few signs it’s time to downsize:

1. You’re retiring

One of the most common reasons people downsize is due to retirement. As you move towards retirement, you may not need as much space and will be able to save more money by purchasing a smaller home

2. You don’t want to deal with maintenance

Home maintenance can be expensive, time consuming, and an overall hassle. If you’re looking to free up more time for hobbies + spend less time and money working on your home, it may be time to downsize.

3. You have empty, unused rooms

Bigger isn’t always better! If you have an empty room or two just collecting dust, it may be time to rethink your home size and consider purchasing a smaller house.

4. You’re in the midst of a lifestyle change

If you’re looking to travel, you won’t be spending as much time at home, so it may make sense to downsize.

5. You’re getting older

It’s important to think about the future! You might be young and spry now, but as you age, you may want to live in a smaller, one story home with less maintenance required and less yard to take care of.

6. Financial troubles

A smaller home = a cheaper monthly mortgage payment, cheaper utility bills, and less maintenance costs! If you are looking to save more money, pay off your credit cards, or stop living paycheck to paycheck, it may be smart to move into a smaller home that you can comfortably afford.

Ready to downsize? Send me a DM and let’s chat - I’d love to help you find the perfect home for you in this stage of life!

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