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🚩9 Realtor Red Flag To Watch Out For 🚩

A good real estate agent can walk you through the buying process and help you buy your dream home, or sell your home quickly and for the most profit. A bad agent can botch your transaction, screw you over, and leave you feeling frustrated, used, and overwhelmed.

I can’t reiterate it enough, you must work with an agent you trust, someone who has your best interest at heart, stands up for you as a client, and puts you first, An addition, it’s important to like your real estate agent as a person. It helps when you and your realtor have similar communication styles and compatible personalities!

A few signs you might not be working with a good realtor? Here are some red flags!

1. They don’t pick up the phone when you call (or don’t call you back within 4-6 hours)

2. They are new to the area

3. They pressure you to make decisions before you are ready

4. They do real estate on the side, part-time

5. They try to overprice your home

6. They don’t have good negotiation skills/communication skills

7. They give “guarantees”

8. They aren’t familiar with the area

9. They aren’t able to answer your questions correctly

Don’t settle for just any real estate agent! Be sure to find the right agent for YOU and trust your gut when choosing a realtor.

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