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Maximizing Your ROI: Top Low-Cost Home Improvements to Boost Resale Value

Enhancing your home's appeal to potential buyers doesn't have to be expensive, and it can significantly impact the sale. David Steckel, a home expert at Thumbtack, emphasizes the value of a well-maintained home. According to Thumbtack research, such homes can sell for about 10% more than those in average condition. Buyers, who are making a major investment, are reassured by homes that have been well cared for. Here are some low-cost home improvements ements that can yield a good return:

Refreshing the Kitchen and Interior Paint

  • Paint neutral tones: Generally speaking, stick to neutrals — gray, beige, or greige walls and white trim.

  • Paint bathrooms terra-cotta brown: The Zillow 2023 Paint Color Analysis found that bathrooms painted a trendy terra-cotta brown, a 2023 color of the year, could help a home sell for a $1,624 premium.

  • Paint kitchens pewter gray: The Zillow paint study found mid-tone pewter gray is the best color for kitchens, fetching a premium of $2,553, while homes with a deep graphite gray kitchen can sell for an estimated $2,512 more.

Boosting Curb Appeal

  • First impressions matter. Enhancing your home's exterior, such as painting the front door (black doors are preferred) or updating the landscaping, can make a significant difference. Zillow's survey indicates that these changes are among the top projects undertaken by sellers.

Incorporating Smart Home Technology

  • With 42% of buyers considering smart home technology important, adding features like smart thermostats and lights can be a wise investment. These additions not only appeal to buyers but can also lead to energy savings.

Improving Lighting

  • Good lighting is essential, particularly in homes with limited natural light. Upgrading to LED bulbs and adding mirrors can make spaces feel larger and more inviting, potentially increasing the sale price by 1.5%.

Updating the Bathroom

  • Simple bathroom updates, like changing the lighting or recaulking the tub, can refresh the space without the need for major renovations.

Enhancing Flooring

  • Flooring improvements, from deep cleaning to installing heated floors, can also add value. Zillow research shows that heated flooring can lead to a 2.1% sale premium.

These improvements, while not overly costly, can make your home more attractive to buyers and potentially increase its sale price.

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