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New Home Aesthetic

If you just purchased a new house, it’s the perfect time to get rid of stuff you no longer want and replace it with things that match your new place!

If you’re looking to create your new home aesthetic, go to Pinterest and create a “home” board. You can even create sections in your Pinterest board like “master bathroom” and “kitchen”, so that everything stays organized.

From there, look up words in Pinterest that describe your style (ex: “white modern kitchen” or “costal neutral bedroom”). Pin everything you love!

Once you have a better idea of what you want, you can Google search specific home decor pieces, rugs, and furniture (ex: “Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch Dupe” or “Braided Woven Off-White Rug”) to find items available to purchase online!

If you aren’t quite sure how to describe your style in words, look up different key words on Google and write down the ones you like most (ex: “modern style house”, “boho style house”, “contemporary style house”, “farmhouse style house”, etc).

If you still need more inspiration, find some local model homes or follow some interior designers on Instagram to get ideas!

I also am listing some of my favorite Instagram Interior Designers....check them out.

What's one word you would use to describe your home style? Comment below!

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