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Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving is stressful for your furry friends!🐶🐈

Our pets can feel our energy, so when we feel anxious, they feel anxious too. Here are a few tips to make the moving experience a little easier for your beloved companions!

1. Pack an overnight bag with food, litter, potty bags, toys, blankets, treats, food and water bowls, and beds to stay organized and keep your pets comfortable through the first few days of unpacking.

2. Drop your pets off at daycare or a friends house the morning of/night before moving day! Keeping your furry friends out of the way is the best way to reduce stress and keep them away from the action. If this isn’t an option for you, consider setting up a “pet room” in one of the rooms of your new home (or put them in a kennel), and check on them periodically.

3. Be sure to update your pets tags/microchips with your new address and phone number!

4. If you’re moving to a new area, be sure to inform your current veterinarians office so you can take records and prescriptions with you. You could also ask for a veterinary contact near your new place if you need a recommendation!

5. Take it slow! Start by introducing your pets to one room, then two rooms, and so forth. This allows them to get acquainted with the new house without feeling overwhelmed.

Do you have tips for moving with pets? Share them below!

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