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You've Closed Escrow, Now what?

Pop some champagne 🍾 or open up a bottle of your favorite wine🍷 Let’s talk about closing day!

What are a few things you should do after closing escrow? Keep scrolling!

1. Change addresses

You’ll need to change your address information to let people and businesses know about your move. Remember to notify:

- Your employer

- Schools (if you have children in school)

- Gas and electric

- The post office

- Phone, cable, internet

- Your bank and credit card companies

- Tax agencies


- Social security administration

- Loan providers

- Subscription services

- Doctors, lawyers, dentists

- Other utilities

2. Change your locks and passwords

Be sure to have the locks re-keyed and change your keypad codes (to the garage, front door, alarm, etc) before moving into your new home. You don’t know who still has keys or passwords to your home, so it’s important to do this before you get settled in!

3. Add new dates to your calendar

Add your new trash pick-up, recycle pick-up, street cleaning, and bulk trash dates to your calendar and set a reminder so you don’t forget!

4. Store closing documents in a safe place

This includes seller + closing disclosures, home inspection reports, title insurance policy, mortgage and deed, promissory note, etc. Be sure to keep these documents in a safe spot!

5. Turn your home inspection into a home maintenance list

To keep your home looking its best and avoid expensive issues down the road, staying on top of your home maintenance is key. Creating a repair to-do list based off your home inspection report is a great way to get started!

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