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Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover

Want to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank? Here are 5 ways to update your bathroom on a budget!

1. Switch out your builder grade mirror for a framed mirror. This instantly gives your bathroom a more luxury feel, and you can find great, inexpensive ones at places like Target, Home Goods, or TJMAXX! You can purchase one large framed mirror or purchase two of the same mirror to center over the sinks.

2. Paint your cabinets! Tired of the wood stain on your bathroom cabinets? Take off the doors and drawers, clean and prime your cabinets, and paint them yourself! This is the perfect weekend project and it will completely transform your bathroom! Another painting option is to use chalk paint. No Priming needed and there are so many great color options.

3. Give your old faucets a new look! Update your bathroom by adding a new faucet to your sinks and a new shower head + handle to your shower/bath! Matte Black is in style these days but anything is better than builder basic.

4. Add lighting! There’s no such thing as “too much light” in a bathroom. Add wall sconces to the sides of the mirror and a fun new light fixture to brighten up your bathroom!

5. Accessorize! Purchase a new shower curtain, bathroom rugs, and hand towels to switch up the style of your bathroom. You can also add a scented candle, room freshener spray, and a cool plant to the counter to complete the look! Target has some great options.

Have other DIY bathroom tips & tricks?

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